Saturday, April 2, 2011

New York City

Over Spring Break, I had one of the best vacations ever! We've never really done anything like this before even though it felt like we had. So good to see Taylor and let him drag us around everywhere. Seems like we are all less cranky when Taylor's around!

I am pretty sure that everyone that has been to NYC has these exact pictures! We had so much fun and I think we walked about 20 miles in 4 days.

Celtic Woman. It was super good. The theater is amazing too. It reminded me of Annie!
 Central Park view from Top of the Rock.
 Needs no introduction.
 Bein' dumb.
(i told him to)
 The camera guy didn't have the best angle but you get the idea.
 Being dumb again.
They couldn't quite get it :)
 Mom's idea.
ShenanigansThe day was full of them  We loved this place! Great place for clam chowder.This picture is for Jared. The small jar is the normal-sized jar. I sooo wanted to bring the big one home to him.
Wish I had about 100 more of these minis.
My favorite picture of the whole trip!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Tons of Famous Paintings

I just realized that I have no pictures of Summer! I took all of these the day she was there but never got a picture of her. So sorry Summer! That was such a great day too. So much: from lunch at the Plaza, MOMA, 5th Avenue, Greenwich Village, Gray's Papaya, Memphis, and Kashkavel. I'm tired just thinking about all we did that day!

Name that painting/artist??

His obsession with guitars!

Mom's favorite
....and then there's this one

Men in Skirts

Mom, patiently waiting for us right where we told her to. We could see her but couldn't get to her because of the parade that lasted all day!
 See, she is patiently waiting for us in Rockefeller Center.
 St. Patrick's Day Parade
 "The" St. Patrick's Day sweater
 I need to read up on my world issues.
 Prior to arriving, Taylor said, "No, I've never been to the Guggenheim. It's always closed when we're here." It was closed.
 Recurring theme?
 Strawberry Fields
 Washington Square Park, Greenwich Village
 Smart people
 Poor puppy
 George- great statue
 serious business. standing outside the New York Stock Exchange
also outside of the NYSE